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Ep.618: What’s Next for Israel in Prophecy? (Part II)

Israel’s near future in prophecy

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Theme Scripture: Romans 11:25-26

We strongly recommend first listening to Part 1 and follow along with its Rewind.

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3 replies
  1. ann chavez
    ann chavez says:

    this “part II” seems to be a duplicate of “part I”; IS there a part II that i could read?

    thank you!

    sr. ann

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Oops! Our mistake….thank you for letting us know. We have now posted the Rewind for Part 1 correctly. Please try again to access. Hopefully it will be of service to your studies. If you see anything else that needs correcting, please feel free to write again. – Christian Questions

  2. stephen strauhs
    stephen strauhs says:

    Regarding the 1845 year period of Israel’s double period of time , going back to Jacob’s blessing his 12 sons, how do you prove the year Jacob died? How do you know it’s really correct? 33AD – 1845 = 1812-1813BC

    Thanks Steve


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