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March 08, 2015

Ep.856: Are There Secrets to Better Communication?

Observing methods great communicators use

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Are there ways to tell people an unpleasant truth without them shutting it out?

What is the difference between commanding respect and demanding attention?

Powerful communication is informative and not inflammatory

What about communication when all that we stand for is at stake?

Who was the world's greatest communicator, and what did he tell us about leading a fulfilled life?

Theme Scripture: Ephesians 4:29

We can talk in person or on the phone. We can Skype, conference, email, text, Tweet, Instagram and Facebook. But are we communicating? Are we REALLY communicating? What role does communication play in our lives - is it simply a common tool of the human race or can it be transformational? Can better communication make your life and relationships better? Of course it can! How? We are glad you asked! This podcast takes a closer look at important historical figures and biblical characters who were great communicators to see what we can learn. To effectively spread the gospel, we need to be able to talk (and listen!) to one another. We also need to be able to work effectively and functionally with the brotherhood.

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The approach of this podcast is to make simple observations and conclusions about the delivery and content of effective communicators.


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