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Ep.973: Is Christianity Really the Light of the World?

The role of Christianity's light in today's overwhelming darkness

Is Christianity Really the Light of the World?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 5:16


The world is systematically becoming a dark place.  It is not that people are purposely looking to dwell in darkness.  It is that people - many people - have come to believe in things that had their origin in darkness and treachery.  Wherever you look you can see the subtle creeping in of thinking, philosophies and actions that do not reflect the wholesome goodness of godly righteousness; but they rather engulf all in their path in a pervasive and deepening gloom that is labeled as a "new understanding" of what is good and acceptable. Jesus emphatically told his followers to be the "light of the world," to be that "city set on a hill for the whole world to see."  So, how are we doing with that?  Is Christianity truly the light of the world or have we misrepresented and failed the light of the Gospel?  Is the world supposed to see our light and come to it or are we simply off track in our understanding?

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Almost everyone knows about the Beatitudes – the simple and profound teachings of Jesus to his followers given at the beginning of Matthew chapter 5.  “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy…”  These teachings are often referenced and quoted to show not only the essence of what Jesus was all about, but also what he focused his followers on being all about.  What most people don’t know or don't think about is that right after these teachings – and actually a part of these teachings - were Jesus’ statements about being the" salt of the earth" and the "light of the world."  Not only did Jesus give us a high standard to live up to in the Beatitudes, he also gave us the sober responsibility of being clearly observed examples of godliness to everyone around us.

Okay, so how do you that?  How do you become “the light of the world” and “a city set on a hill”?  Becoming light is not easy.  Think about it – each and every one of us is broken in one way or another, and any light that we might have naturally is certainly not the light that Jesus here speaks of.  Our natural light is earthly light and is therefore not capable of bringing anyone to the higher ground of godliness.  For us to be “the light of the world” requires that we first seek out spiritual light, and that we position ourselves so that spiritual light can shine upon us.  Where do we find this light?  Jesus said that he is the light of the world, so learning about, understanding and following Jesus puts us directly in the warmth of THE light.  Jehovah God's light.  It is only once we absorb this light and allow it to work its change is us that we can even think of actually becoming light.

So, is true Christianity actually the light of the world?  Yes it is!  But the world is so dark!  Yes it is!  Then how do we harmonize the darkness of the world and the light of true Christianity?  Much more easily than you might think!  Check out our June 5, 2017 podcast, “Is Christianity REALLY the Light of the World?” and see how the pieces fit together.  It’s all good...and where there is light there is warmth and life!

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