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March 01, 2015

Ep.855: Why Aren’t You a Wealthy Christian?

The Bible's true role in the wealth of a Christian

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Does the Bible agree with The Secret idea?

If we don't expect miracles from God, aren't we limiting his power in our lives?

Doesn't the New Testament tell us receiving is bigger than giving?

What about the plainly expressed promise of God to shower blessings when tithes are given?

What kind of consequence is there for those who treat God like a magic genie?

Theme Scripture: Genesis 26:12-13

God blessed Isaac and he became a wealthy man. God through Elisha blessed the woman whose husband died with enough to pay her debts and then some. God told Malachi to test His grace by bringing in the tithes so that God could open the windows of heaven and pour out blessing. God is giving his people blessing and abundance! God seems to like giving them abundance! So, what’s wrong with us? Why aren’t we wealthy children of God? Why haven’t we been made rich like Isaac? What’s wrong with this picture? Plenty! Stay with us for some biblical balancing…

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1 reply
  1. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Excellent! Absolutely Excellent! The brainwashing that goes on in these churches is beyond any reasonable acceptability! So glad you brought this to the light!


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