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Ep.993: Should We Be Worried About Witchcraft?

Understanding and dealing with witchcraft in a Christian way
Should We Be Worried About Witchcraft?

Theme Scripture: 1 Peter 1:14


So, if you are a little kid it’s time for the excitement of “trick or treat” – costumes and candy. If you are older it’s time for parties, horror movies that look and feel so real they make your skin crawl, the undead, dark spells and generally unfettered behavior. Yup, we are talking about Halloween and all of the trimmings that come with it. Here is the thing – no matter what age you are, when Halloween comes it is also time for a strong and convincing dose of witchcraft. That’s right – no matter what age you are, witchcraft is not only entirely mainstream, it is enticingly mainstream and very much within reach. So, is this something to be worried about? Are we dealing with some big, dark and deceiving practice or is it all just harmless home-brewed storytelling?

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Let me begin by telling you my conclusions on the matter, and then I will give you a sense of why those conclusions exist.  I firmly believe that no matter what type of witchcraft is being practiced, be it Wicca – white witchcraft - or  black witchcraft or any combination of the two is inherently dangerous and absolutely inappropriate.  Now, that is a blanket statement intended to unequivocally classify all forms and facets of this pagan practice as bad.  I realize there is no political correctness in this approach.  I realize this approach will subject me to being called a "hater "and all of those other wonderful names that go with it.  All I ask is that you hear me out for a moment…

First, I want to stress that my personal stand on this matter does not judge the PEOPLE involved in witchcraft, but it does pass judgment the PRACTICE of witchcraft.  I personally know some witches who practice Wicca, and I will tell you that they are among the most kind, caring and upstanding people I know.  So as we continue, let me be clear that my perception of danger is focused on the practice, not the people.

What is so bad about the practice?  It’s all about power.  Spiritual power.  Any witchcraft practice involves gathering in ethereal powers, be it through nature, through spirit entities or through “the universe.”  These powers by definition are mystical and undefined and the assumption is that these powers, when summoned, will do what you would have them do.  My biggest issue with all of this is that assumption. My issue is based on two things.  First, it is based on you having the say over these powers, which according to witchcraft is realizing your potential as god or goddess.  I see this as an idolatrous and ego-based approach to power that we do not even understand.  Second, those power sources that we do not understand are assumed to be for good and somewhat controllable.  Why anyone would assume that powers far greater than yourself are inherently good and controllable by you is beyond me!  I truly believe that all of this brings disaster and spiritual manipulation, masked as goodness and light.

Check out our October 30, 2017 podcast, “Should WE be Worried About Witchcraft?” to find out more.  Many things that may seem good, wholesome and harmless are not and you have a right to know why!



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