Home Doctrine Should You NOT be a Christian? (Part I)

Ep.745: Should You NOT be a Christian? (Part I)

Responding to the "Why I'm No Longer a Christian" YouTube video

Should You NOT be a Christian? (Part I)

Theme Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:20-21


About two months ago, we received an email from a listener - a college student - who was troubled. He is a Christian and had watched a YouTube video entitled, "Why I am no longer a Christian," a 1 1/2-hour, step-by-step presentation of how another young man went from devoted Christian to atheist. It was a well-done, non-inflammatory treatise on why the author now believed Christianity to be just a story. The young man who emailed asked us if we could answer, to which we responded, yes, just give us time. Stay with us for Part I as we go through this very detailed reasoning!

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