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Ep.846: What is the Point of Christmas?

The story of the birth of Jesus and its impact

What is the Point of Christmas?

Theme Scripture: Luke 2:13-14


'Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas happened just a few days ago so we ask the question, what really happened? Did we have lots to eat – see lots of family and friends – give and receive lots of gifts? Did we smile and laugh and decorate? Did we watch Christmas specials and listen to all kinds of holiday music? I hope we did! I hope we took the time to reconnect with a spirit of love, life and giving. I hope we entered into the happiness that this season brings! Now the big question – how did we recognize the true reason for the season – how did we honor the life to change all lives? Well, if you are looking for more of that part of things, stick around – we have a story to tell!

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  1. Did/Does Jesus have a sense of humor? Couldn’t come down here without it!

    Of course, Jesus was a man of sorrows because of the sin and death that the world is steeped in, but I believe that laughter is a part of the human experience. No other creature on earth can laugh except mankind… therefore, it is a gift from God. Brilliant!!


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