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Ep.535: Is it Santa Claus or Jesus Christ?

Meditating on the true meaning of Christmas

Is it Santa Claus or Jesus Christ?

Theme Scripture: Luke 2:13


It is just a few more days until the biggest holiday of the year – you know the day of which I speak – it is the holiday that either will make or break the retail year-end numbers. It is the holiday that inspires 25 consecutive days of specials on network television. It is the holiday that converts small children into aggressive consumers, teaching them to carefully itemize their wants. You know the holiday – the one where you can run into trouble by talking about its true meaning, because somehow or other, it is deemed politically incorrect. So, we talk about Santa Claus and focus on Santa Claus as the symbol of giving rather than focusing on Jesus Christ, who is the embodiment of giving. On this program we will be politically incorrect and focus on Jesus, because He IS the reason for the season!

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