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Ep.498: What Makes a Successful Christian?

The ingredients necessary to be a true Christian

What Makes a Successful Christian?

Theme Scripture: Romans 12:1


In our world today, success is an integral part of all that we do. We love success. It is a way to label progress, it is a reason for congratulation, and it is a vision for our future. We honor those who have it. We attribute wisdom to those who have experienced it continually. Yet, the word “success” does not appear in the New Testament, nor does any form of it. And the few times it occurs in the Old Testament, it has a different meaning than we generally understand it to have today. So, how do we understand “success” in the context of Christianity? What must we be, or do, or believe to be considered a “successful” Christian? Stay with us this morning as we look at Christianity, success and their relationship.

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