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Ep.454: What is Wisdom Made of? Part II

Defining and applying wisdom’s seven pillars

What is Wisdom Made of? Part II

Theme Scripture: Proverbs 9:1


This subject is SO important, we had to do a two-parter!  Here’s a question for you – what do Ben Franklin, Gandalf from “Lord of the Rings,” King Solomon and Master Yoda from “Star Wars” all have in common?  The answer is WISDOM, and the wisdom each possessed separated them from the crowd.  Wisdom gave them each respect, credibility and significance in the context of their lives, and it was wisdom that made them leaders.  So, whether its in a fictional character or not, wisdom is a prevailing characteristic in life.  Kinda makes you want to have some, doesn’t it?  On Part II of this podcast we continue our examination of wisdom.

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