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Ep.823: What Can We Learn From the Miracle Worker?

Ann Sullivan, Helen Keller, Jesus and true miracles!

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Theme Scripture: Matthew 9:35

As Christians, we all love to read and recount the marvelous accounts of Jesus working miracles. We are inspired by his compassion and his ability to change the lives of those whom he touched. Today we want to once again find that inspiration, but our path to it will be somewhat different as we will recount the incredible story of a woman who was called a miracle worker in her day. She touched one life – she changed one life and through that change, she touched the world. What a great picture of Jesus!

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    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to give us this encouraging message! We appreciate your enthusiasm and prayers that CQ can continue to spread the Gospel message. – Christian Questions

  1. rabbit
    rabbit says:

    Going camping tonight behind anew ball park. Study my bible and listen to the radio. I can’t walk right all the time so I can crawl up no one will care. Tell me how to deal with people not telling me the truth I see and hear but it’s not the same as when my friends see or hear it. I am a good man and. Want to know the truth about church life and community.


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