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July 09, 2014

Ep.822: Is it Ever Okay to Hate?

Understanding the narrow path of "proper" hate

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What does God do with the things He hates?

Are we ever supposed to hate other people?

How should we combat fear, anger and disgust?

How did Jesus handle his hatred of sin?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 5:43-44

Hate is an immensely strong emotion. It can ruin relationships, perpetuate untruths, create rage and feed the fire of war. It is because of it that much of the good in this world is not recognized and many in this world are truly unhappy.

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Did God create hate? Yes, He did! If God created it, when is it a godly time for us to hate?

On this podcast we focus on five points of applying hatred to the right things and the right reasons.  Much of it has to do with acting on principle and conviction, not emotions.  The intentional seeking of good must dominate our lives in order to have us properly hate evil and not individuals.  Not holding a grudge lifts us out of the anger this intense emotion provokes, but how do we do that without getting sucked in by it?  Can it be used as a tool of construction or only destruction?

"Even if heaven was the paper and the earth was the ink, it would still not be large enough to tell of what happened here."  - Holocaust victim, quoted in the "Epilogue" display at the Yad Vashem World Holocaust Museum, Jerusalem


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2 replies
  1. Beverly Hayes
    Beverly Hayes says:

    I am so glad I found your Sunday morning program. Thank you for teaching me about God’s words.

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time out to give such encouraging words. They are very appreciated. – Christian Questions


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