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February 08, 2015

Ep.852: What Really Happens on Judgment Day?

The who, what, when, where, why and how of Judgment Day!

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Who gets a pass from Judgment Day?

Does Judgment Day pound unbelievers into submission or oblivion?

Exactly WHAT will be judged on Judgment Day?

If humankind has done such a bad job, why does God even give them a chance?

How does this all end up?

Theme Scripture: Romans 2:5

It kind of funny how there is such a movement against the Bible and biblical principles these days, yet things like “Armageddon” and “Judgment Day,” which have their basis in Scripture, are common themes in our society. Of course, society dramatizes these things way beyond the reality of Scripture, so what we perceive is generally not what will happen. So, Judgment Day – it is coming! What does that mean? When will it happen? Who will be judged? Stay with us!

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2 replies
  1. Noel
    Noel says:

    Hi Br. Rick and Sr. Cathy. I like the subject you discussed, it was the subject that some of my office mates and I discussed last Thursday during lunch break. It was hard though to explain it to them in less than 30 minutes. Like what I noticed today in your program, hope you won’t mind what I’m gonna say. I think you were not able to fully extract the juice of your subject. I’m going to post this episode in my fb, although I know that some of my contemporaries in the previous sects I’ve been to will not fully understand your discussion. Because as you said Br. Rick, it’s because of time restriction, that you had to skip lot of bible passages. And many of my friends from other sects like to dissect every single bible verses. I guess your pacing was very fast. But I understand, 2 hours are not enough to discuss the subject. Even me in the office is having a hard time during our 30 minutes bible study with some of my office mates.
    By the way, I’m a new bible student. Started attending the Taguig Ecclesia this February, after Br. Dave Christiansen introduced me to the local brethren. I was baptized on May. Love to you all from the Dawn Bible Students of the Philippines, particularly the Taguig Ecclesia. God bless you all.


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