Home Doctrine Islam – Christianity – What’s the Difference? (Part II)

Ep.653: Islam – Christianity – What’s the Difference? (Part II)

Radical Islam and the Christian's responsibility

Islam – Christianity – What’s the Difference? (Part II)

Theme Scripture: Proverbs 16:23


Last week we began a discussion on Islam and Christianity. Our objective was to portray mainstream Islam in an honest and positive light. This kind of portrayal is not often heard in our world today because the radical Islamic perspective (which is a minority) is so utterly dark, evil, and frankly, scary. This morning we are going to look into that scary belief system and try to do two things: One, we will portray it as clearly and honestly as we can, and two, we will address the all important question – what should we as Christians DO about it? Stay with us – this conversation is vital!

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