Home Doctrine Are Evil Spirits and Demons Real?

Ep.578: Are Evil Spirits and Demons Real?

Understanding spiritual wickedness in high places

Are Evil Spirits and Demons Real?

Theme Scripture: Jude 1:6


We live in scary times. We are not only facing the results of a major recession, we are also continually steeped in debates regarding major issues of our time: health care, war, social security, the climate change issue and the list can go on and on. All of these things are focused on humankind and our role in them, be it for good or for evil. Yet there are other issues above these – issues that take place in a realm above us, with which we are not so familiar. These are spiritual issues and they have to do with angels, demons, good and evil. Are there really such things as demons? If so, do they have any influence on our world? What about evil spirits? If they are real, then how do we make sure they cannot influence us personally? Stay with us this as we look into this dark and unsettling topic to gain some understanding and to find some answers.

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  1. They are and will come after you. In 1995 My Lord Jesus came and pulled me out of the mud. I was a 1969 draftee V/N Korean DMZ and retired Law enforcement, what a ride. He knew I was in trouble. The Spirit touched me while I was praying the prayer for Him to come into my heart. I had a canceller with a first offender Juvenile program. She enters my office and said the Lord told me to come see you. She said give me your hands I did and she started to pray and said repeat what I say. I did and things started to change. That night when I laid down to go to sleep.In about 10 min a ball three times as big as a basketBall colored of black strips and yellow fire came through the wall. As a law enforcement officer, I grabbed my Gun and it just hovered at the foot of my bed. Maybe for a min, and it was gone. The Lord Jesus knew I was a fighter from way back, so I just laid back down and went to sleep. The next day I got up and went to work, as I was driving I thought it was just a dream or I was having flashbacks. OK, when I got back home I picked up the Bible and read a few chapters. Then I went to bed ok I can get some sleep tonight. WRONG: In about 10min a manakin looking gray slimy come out of the wall and jumped on top of me, I could not move at all. But I remember what my loving grandmother said to me. When you get in trouble, call the name Jesus three times over and over. I did and it was gone in a flash. WoW ok, something here wants to fight, so be it. I got my 12ga Remington 1100 out of my undercover car and put it next to my bed. I’ve never been in a fight like this but somebody was going to get a but whipping either, me or them.
    That morning I went to work, and the first thing I did was call my canceller, and said we need to talk! She said what, then I told her what was going on. She said you can handle it you are a strong man and the Lord knows this. She said that I got something to tell you it is not over. The next Demon to visit will be the thing you loved the most. I said no not that. What was it that you loved so much before you got saved. I said Lord Jesus help me out with this.
    Here it is full blown in the words the Lord told her to say. I was a criminal investigator for a large Police Dept. About a week after she said all that, a woman came to my office to make a complaint about someone shooting her dog. Here it is, this lady I will call her that at this time, she was so beautiful I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her.
    We talked about what happened and she started to cry, oh no my heart was touched. After she had been to the office two times checking for information I asked would you like to go get a drink after I geo of work? At my surprise, she said yes. OK here we go DRINKING AND WOMEN was my weakness. I had that gleam in my eyes and that feeling in my heart I felt young again. I went to Montana for kids camping all summer matter of a fact this was my second time. The first time I had to sleep on the ground. So I went to Cregslist and found a Camper in Idaho so I drove up hook up and shot across the country. I got there in about three days. I was the only one on the property. So I hooked the camper and just looked at the stars. The first night I was in the Camper I had a panic attack one of the things I brought back from V/N. But it had been years before I had one. The second night the same thing I drove all night and it was gone when the sun was up. OK, the third night I could feel it coming but the Holy Spirit told me to anoint myself and the Camper. OK, I started anointing first myself then the inside the Camper. When I got to the door after anointing the insides I anointed the top of the door and at that time a large black shadow comes from behind me and out the wall. I said thank you, Lord, I love you so much. I put my CD Bible on and it was so peaceful and the stars were so bright they lit up the whole place.


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