Home Doctrine What Really Happens on Judgment Day?

Ep.503: What Really Happens on Judgment Day?

The reasons for and process of Judgment Day

What Really Happens on Judgment Day?

Theme Scripture: 2 Peter 2:9


When someone wrongs us, we want justice and judgment to have their say in that person's consequences. When we wrong someone, while not necessarily being opposed to justice and judgment, we certainly want mercy to be a part of our consequences. The Bible often speaks of a “Day of Judgment” coming in the future. What does this mean? Who gets judged? Is there a mercy factor here, or is it harsh? Is it a final judgment or is it a trial period? Whatever it is, it certainly affects billions of people, so its worth looking into. Stay with us as we investigate the Bible, “Judgment Day” and what it all means to the human race.

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