Home Character Inspiration What Can We Learn From Peter? (Part I)

Ep.710: What Can We Learn From Peter? (Part I)

Early life of Peter, up to “Get thee behind me, Satan”

What Can We Learn From Peter? (Part I)

Theme Scripture: Matthew 4:19-20


(Part I of a 3-part series) Of all the Apostles, Peter is the one who is most exposed to us. His background is clear, his strengths and weaknesses are obvious, and his faults are plain. It is through the viewing of his life that so many of us find hope – for we see in the Apostle Peter a simple man, who with great faith met with countless adversities and by God’s grace was not only forgiven for his failings, but was one of the twelve foundation pillars of the true church. Stay with us as we begin to tell the exciting story of Peter – the man – the disciple – the leader.  Ready for more?  Part II and Part III.

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