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Ep.561: How Do We Honor Fatherhood?

Fatherhood on Father’s Day

How Do We Honor Fatherhood?

Theme Scripture: Rom. 8:15


Today is a special day. It is a day set aside to honor the institution of fatherhood. It is a day set aside to let any fathers in your life know how much you appreciate their contributions, their examples and their leadership. It is a day set aside to give us the opportunity to stop taking fatherhood for granted, to pause and consider and to say thank you. Yes, it is a special day and yet, even as we speak, fatherhood continues to become less and less valued in our culture. It continues to take a back seat and it continues to be de-valued as a “necessary” part of our social structure. Stay with us as we look at fatherhood and focus on its value, its contribution and its example. How do we honor fatherhood? Well, stay with us and help!

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