Home Doctrine Does WHAT you Believe Really Matter?

Ep.562: Does WHAT you Believe Really Matter?

An exercise in proving (testing) all things

Does WHAT you Believe Really Matter?

Theme Scripture: 1 Thesselonians 5:21


We all have beliefs in all areas of our lives. The question arises, when my beliefs are different than yours, is really a big deal? Should we just ʺlive and let live” or is there some obligation to those around us that comes with our beliefs? Obviously, this is too large a topic for this two-hour program, so we will focus on religious beliefs – how firmly do we hold them? Does it matter if my beliefs contradict your beliefs? Why do Christians have so many different beliefs regarding the Bible? Can’t we all just get along? Stay with us as we open the door on this difficult and fascinating topic. Does what you believe really matter?

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