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August 09, 2015

Ep.878: The Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule – Why Bother?

Biblical living principles vs. subjective morality

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Why do the Ten Commandments start by focusing only on God?

What does taking God's name in vain or keeping the Sabbath have to do with the Golden Rule?

What about coveting?

Murder and adultery are next - have we lost our way THIS badly?

The last two commendments to discuss focus on stealing and bearing false witness - are they similar?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 7:12

So often when people think about the Bible, they think of an ancient book full of rules given by a God who was jealous and angry in the Old Testament, and they think about Jesus as a representation of love and kindness in the New Testament. Our present social culture has decided that any necessary rules and guidelines can simply come from within each of us and that we don’t need any ancient book telling us here in this age of knowledge and reason what to do! Well, is the ancient wisdom right or are we?  This podcast is all about the Ten Commandments.

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The first four Commandments teach us to put God first.  Without that as a basis, the other six can easily become subjective, as each of them needs the "God First" foundation to be able to guide our behavior. Not putting God first is the beginning of the downfall of any civilization. This can be subtle at first, happening in your mind, like Lucifer back in the Garden of Eden.

Some of the Commandments are "internal" instructions vs. "eternal."  Some guide our relationship with our human family.  Some have fulfillments that can be seen, but others are fulfilled within our heart and mind. Studying the Ten Commandments might seem like we are going back to basics, but there are layers and layers of vital lessons that make it worth the time to dive back in!



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