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Ep.863: So, How Do You Make a Decision?

The scriptural and psychological bases for making decisions

So, How Do You Make a Decision?

Theme Scripture: James 1:19


We are faced with decision making all the time. Some are big and significant life-altering choices and most others are small, often unnoticed and even insignificant. What most influences our decisions – reason, emotion or expediency? What about laziness versus discipline? Can we make better decisions? If so, how? God-honoring choices should be in the forefront of our daily lives.  Whatever question we have, there are scriptural principles that can help us to answer that question. We have to apply them to our situation. There is a process:  It starts with some kind of stimulus, some kind of input that evokes a response with multiple possibilities.  In between these two events – stimulus and response - there is space, perhaps a small space, but space nevertheless.  In this space lies our destiny… "When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." - Viktor Frankl

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