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Ep.743: What Does God Want From Me?

The true requirements of Christianity

What Does God Want From Me?

Theme Scripture: Mark 12:30,31


If you ever want to go somewhere, it’s usually a good idea to know where you are going and what the path is to get there. The destination of pleasing and serving God is no exception. The problem is, that there are so many interpretations as to what direction to go and what to take along with you, that the average person asking the question, “What does God want from me?” will be overwhelmed by the variety of answers. So, “What does God want from me?” Stay with us and find out!

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  1. Dear Jonathan and Rick:

    What has happened to your radio show? I can’t tune into it anymore. The format has changed. Although your program comes out of New London, Ct., and me living in Oklahoma, I would listen to your morning program, only it was broadcasted here in the afternoons. Now, your whole page format has changed and I do not know how I can tune in to hear your show. Can you help me with this matter? Are you no longer going to be heard here in Oklahoma?

    1. First, we appreciate your listening and hope that the program has been a blessing for you. Several of the radio stations carrying the program have changed. Here are the stations currently carrying CQ:
      WFDM 95.9 FM and WXLW 950 AM, Indianapolis, IN (first hour only)
      WNOX 100.3FM Knoxville, TN
      WXLM 980 AM New London, CT

      We are working with new stations to broadcast in new areas, so it is possible that another station in your area might pick up the program. HOWEVER, as long as you have computer access (or a smart phone or tablet), there are two ways for you to hear the program.

      First, you can listen live every Sunday at 7am-9am eastern by just going to our website, http://www.ChristianQuestions.net and click the Listen Live link found in several places on the Home Page. From there you have 4 options of radio stations that carry the program, including an all internet station called “iHeart Radio.” You can listen in from anywhere in the world just by clicking through to the radio station link we provide at the website.

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      Again, we so appreciate that you took the time to write and find us online. We wish you the very best in your studies and hope that you will be able to listen every week, either live or on your time schedule with an archived program.

  2. you both you both trying to listen you all the time dont get to bible meetings havent felt good so long now i found i have cancer so you dont know how much your program means to me now with tears in my eyes thank you both so much the Lord is so good he is using both of you to spreadhis love and his kingdom may your spread and spread all over Lord Bless you both

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. We pray for your continued strength while you go through this trial, bringing glory to our Heavenly Father.


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