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Ep.533: Why Should We Watch What We Say?

Avoiding slander

Why Should We Watch What We Say?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 101:5


We live in a fascinating society – very sad but fascinating. There is an entire multi-billion dollar industry that makes its money by doing one thing and one thing only – talking and writing about other people, mostly celebrities. The thing about this industry is that there seems to rarely be a circumstance when the individual being spoken about has been thoroughly consulted regarding what is being said. Usually, that which is said or written is something of a fantastic nature that would have any onlookers or readers shake their heads in disbelief. Often these things, while perhaps based in truth, present a far-fetched conclusion. Our topic this program is not about this industry, it is about us. Do we engage in the same behavior? The Bible is very pointed about this, so stay with us as we look in the mirror and ask, “Why should we watch what we say?”

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