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January 15, 2018

Ep.1004: Is My Gender Your Business?

Bringing transgender community truths and Christian love together

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Where does medical science weigh in?

In the long-term, does a transgender individual usually find happiness?

Are we giving children who claim to be transgender the most effective support possible?

Where do we go from here?

Theme Scripture: Hebrews 12:13

As Charles Dickens opened his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities, he wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” He went on to explain the contradictions of his own culture. Here we are generations later, and we can easily say the same thing. Our culture is filled with wonder, technology and advancement, as well as suffering, misunderstanding and false narratives. One group of our culture that finds itself right in the middle of all of this is those who are transgender. For many, the idea of being transgender is not only foreign but perhaps even highly doubtful. For others, being transgender feels natural and needs not only recognition but respect as well. This truly poses a dilemma of understanding and acceptance for many on all sides of the matter. So, how do we, how should we as Christians approach such a sensitive and passionate part of our world? Where should we stand? Why should we stand there? How should we approach those with whom we may disagree?  Specifically we are talking about people who are transgender.  Being transgender is a separate issue from being gay.

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Gender identification

There are few issues in our present social environment that invoke such an emotional reaction as issues of gender identification. It was less than two decades ago that this was not a mainstream discussion, and as such was not in the minds of the vast majority of the population. To go from an almost zero awareness back then to what seems like a front row, everyday event now, is for most average individuals simply overload. What does this all mean? Is being transgender a choice or a destiny? Can children really understand their gender and what are the facts? These are all not only legitimate but necessary questions.

What does medical science say?

In this podcast we addressed these questions and more. Our approach was simple - look at the matter first though the eyes of medical science and then approach it from the standpoint of Christianity. While this approach might sound simple, it proved to be just the opposite. For regular people like us to be able to put our hands on reliable, complex and comprehensive information regarding being transgender was challenging. Where do you look?  Who do you trust? And then understanding what it all means – not what we might like it to mean - but what it truly means was daunting, frankly, sometimes surprising and at times even disturbing.

Check out our January 15, 2018 podcast, “Is My Gender Your Business?” and follow along with us as we look for answers to the really hard questions. We tackle and simplify things like:  the genetics of gender, puberty blockers - how they are used and the science behind them, mental issues and challenges commonly attached to transgender people, suicide rates and then the issue of children and the decision to pursue a transgender life. Most importantly and throughout we continually come back to a key personal question of Christianity and its role and responsibility.  While this certainly was not an easy or lighthearted episode, we believe it will prove to be a valuable tool for you to use in your everyday experience.



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