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Ep.495: On Palm Sunday – Where did Jesus Lead Us?

The meaning of the Passover and Jesus' leadership

On Palm Sunday – Where did Jesus Lead Us?

Theme Scripture: Mark 11:9-10


Leadership is an amazing thing. When you come across a true leader, they change you. The very best of leaders can focus you and help you to see that which was out of your vision. They can inspire you and help you to have courage to do things you may have previously believed as undoable. They can strengthen you and help you fight when you would have normally given up. They lead you. They lead you by their example, their courage, their wisdom and their vision. Jesus was such a leader. This program looks at his leadership in the context of what is now known as Palm Sunday – a day that symbolized the greatest of victories and yet was instrumental in the death of the victor. What was the real victory of Palm Sunday? Where did Jesus lead us in this victory?

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