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Ep.880: How Do We Develop Endurance?

The mighty power of Christian endurance

How Do We Develop Endurance?

The mighty power of Christian endurance

Life has become quick and easy – think about it - we have instant coffee, instant oatmeal, Instagram, Instant Messenger, fast food, Jiffy or Quick Lube and "while-you-wait" service. We can instantly see our photos, instantly send and receive our mail, instantly buy or sell online and instantly see 75 different versions of what is happening in the world. We think that in many ways, we have forgotten what it is like to work for something – to toil, engage and fight through adversity for the sake of something that is not instant. We are talking about ENDURANCE! We have forgotten the absolute and almost miraculous sustaining power of ENDURANCE! What is endurance? How can we get some? Hurry up and listen!

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How do we find the strength to go the distance? We have a lof of biblical examples, including Jesus who endured the cross "for the joy set before him."  We are told to look UP to Jehovah God who is truly mighty, and acknowledge His power and wisdom. His ways are eternal. We are to trade in our old sources of strength and put on His strength, His endurance.

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  1. My son runs the long Marathons — 26.2 miles. He was in the Boston Marathon when the bombs went off. It’s a good thing he learned that physical endurance because he finished the race about 2 hours before the bombings. I thank God for that everyday!

    Then we have the endurance that carries us through YEARS of consecration! *sigh* Praise the Lord, we’re learning!

    1. That is an amazing story. That certainly is something to be thankful for! Thank you for sharing. – Christian Questions


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