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September 04, 2017

Ep.985: How Do I Defeat My Worst Enemy? Me!

Learning to understand, cope with and overcome self-sabotage

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What if I just don't have the energy to change my life?

Can focusing our energy get us out of our self-sabotaging pattern?

Focused energy, transformation, giving and authenticity. What does all of this do to self-sabotage?

More self-sabotage elimination tools

Theme Scripture: Romans 7:24

In many ways we are daily in a fight for our lives.  There are so many choices that present themselves to us each and every day, many of which can distract and derail us from what is most important.  The biggest factor that determines whether we stay on track with life or go down some rabbit hole of distraction and disruption is simply...me.  Yup, I am the decision maker - the gatekeeper of my own mind and body - and I alone have final say as to what kind of victory or what kind of defeat I will experience.  Now, wait a minute!  As a Christian shouldn’t I be subject to the will of God through Christ?  Absolutely!  Then why am I saying that I am in control?  It’s simple!  I decide how much influence the will of God will exercise in my life at any given moment and that makes ME my worst enemy!  Great!  Now what do we do?  What do we do?  We learn how to identify, fight and win the battle!

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Our first task is to identify the battle.  It turns out that achieving victory over ourselves is a really tricky thing.  The main issue is that we are trying to change something we are not only very comfortable with but that we have grown to depend on and even hide behind.  What this does is create an environment of quiet and creative self-sabotage.  While this sounds unsettling, this is an incredibly common dilemma and its challenges are many.  In our desire to mature as Christians we see and acknowledge that our goals in life need us to grow and need us to change.  Meanwhile, our programmed and habitual responses in life like us just as we are and fight against our goals to maintain a sense of equilibrium.  Now, this sense of equilibrium is probably not balanced at all, it just feels that way because our subconscious self is doing its job of protecting us from what it perceives as potential hurt embarrassment and failure.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it!  Well, it is, but the good news is that in spite of the power of our self-protective (and often misguided) instincts we can make progress, and that brings us to learning how to actually fight the battle.  This battle is fought by implementing two necessary, simple and repeatable steps.  The first step is to observe and acknowledge how our self-sabotage applies itself.  This is not necessarily easy or comfortable, but it is the very foundation of true change in our lives.  The second step is to embrace what our self sabotage is trying to accomplish and replace its instinct and methods with spiritually-proven methods and spiritually-sound (though not yet mature) instincts.  Again – not easy!

Please check out our September 4th 2017 podcast entitled, “How Do I Defeat My Worst Enemy?  Me!” and follow along with us as we not only unravel the whole self-sabotage thing but as we suggest seven steps of spiritual significance that help to replace self- sabotage with steady spiritual growth.  This is one of those podcasts you really don’t want to miss!



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