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Ep.788: How Do We Cope With Abortion?

The Abortion Debate – is the Bible Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

How Do We Cope With Abortion?

Theme Scripture: Galatians 1:15


Freedom is a good thing. Freedom to choose, freedom to act, freedom of thought – all good things. Our society touts this right of freedom especially in the case of a woman’s right to choose. Freedom though, without responsibility – this is NOT a good thing, for it takes the liberty of freedom and applies it with no boundaries – and without boundaries there can only be anarchy. So, what is the balance between freedom, responsibility and a woman’s right to choose for the Christian? Does the Bible tell us?

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  1. There are so many more abortions than statistics can begin to count! Think of all the back street “clinics” and self-induced abortions that are not knowable. These poor girls (children, really) do these things out of some misguided fear, or they are convinced it’s necessary by boyfriends or other friends. Sometimes even family members push them to abort. I know how they feel, and it breaks my heart that there wasn’t/isn’t someone that they can talk to about it BEFORE a decision is made.

    It is my fervent prayer that all the little unborn babies get a second chance in the Kingdom on earth (since there’s gonna be a new earth and all, there’s got to be someone to live on it, right?!). Not to mention all the women who never could babies now might be able to bring these little ones into the world then. I keep praying!


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