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Ep.529: So, What About Abortion?

A hard look at the abortion process and consequence

So, What About Abortion?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 139:14


In America, we, according to our founding fathers, cherish “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.ʺ Now over the last 230+ years, we as Americans have defined and redefined these things to fit our perspectives. As we cherish life our defining of life has become a major and dividing issue. When does life begin? When should life be protected? Do the rights of a woman override the right to life of an unborn child? Yes, on this program we are going to take some time and examine that difficult, emotional and ever divisive question of abortion. This is not an easy question and one that we here at Christian Questions don’t love talking about, yet we are compelled to put it on the table from a respectful and biblical perspective. So, what about abortion? Let’s talk…

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