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How Do We Cope With Abortion?

Freedom is a good thing. Freedom to choose, freedom to act, freedom of thought – all good things. Our society touts this right of freedom especially in the case of a woman’s right to choose. Freedom though, without responsibility – this is NOT a good thing, for it takes the liberty of freedom and applies it with no boundaries – and without boundaries there can only be anarchy. So, what is the balance between freedom, responsibility and a woman’s right to choose for the Christian? Does the Bible tell us?

Do the Unborn Have Rights?

A woman’s right to choose. A woman’s right to privacy. Lose your choice and lose your freedom. A woman’s body is her most prized possession. All of these slogans are centerpieces of the unending controversy surrounding abortion, a legal procedure. But should it be legal and so accessible? Are there reasons to doubt its place in our world, for the sake of the unborn and the sake of the potential mothers? Stay with us as we look into this very difficult subject and try and establish a biblical perspective on rights, life and courage in the face of great challenge.

Should it be “Choice” or “Life?”

I think that everyone I have ever met loves the sight of a new baby. We all are struck by how small, helpless and innocent the child is. We are struck by the beauty and intricacy of its form and we are struck by the complete and utter helplessness of its being. Yes, everyone loves the sight of a new baby...yet, 1.2 million pregnancies are terminated in this country each year. That means that these pregnancies are stopped and the child is never allowed to be – all of this on purpose! So, how do we understand the rights, the processes and the legalities here? Is it a moral issue, this question of abortion, or is it merely a legal question of convenience? Today we look into this incredibly difficult issue – should it be choice or life? What does the Bible say?

So, What About Abortion?

In America, we, according to our founding fathers, cherish “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.ʺ Now over the last 230+ years, we as Americans have defined and redefined these things to fit our perspectives. As we cherish life our defining of life has become a major and dividing issue. When does life begin? When should life be protected? Do the rights of a woman override the right to life of an unborn child? Yes, on this program we are going to take some time and examine that difficult, emotional and ever divisive question of abortion. This is not an easy question and one that we here at Christian Questions don’t love talking about, yet we are compelled to put it on the table from a respectful and biblical perspective. So, what about abortion? Let’s talk…