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Ep.735: Are Women as Important as Men?

The roles of men and women in the Bible and today

Are Women as Important as Men?

Theme Scripture: 1 Timothy 2:11


We live in an age and a country of great enlightenment, in which we are all very aware of the need to recognize the rights of all men and women alike. We have laws that specifically forbid discrimination against anyone based on race or gender. We know that it is right (though unfortunately not always practiced) to give a man and a women equal pay for equal work. All of this enlightenment and yet, when we look at the Bible, it seems to undermine these principles. Well, does the Bible teach that women are equal to and as important as men?

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  1. Interesting note: Did God set up his symbolism according to the world we live in? OR did He set up the world we live in according to the symbology He wanted to use? Did God create a lamb and THEN say Christ should be like it, or did God create the lamb so that, in it’s very nature, it could be a picture of Christ?

    Therefore, the picture God is trying to communicate is embodied in the relationship of men to women.

    1. An interesting question to which we really could never really know the answer. Because God knows the end from the beginning, He created the literal to be illustrations of things we cannot otherwise understand. – Christian Questions


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