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Ep.548: When Should We Hate?

Putting hate in its proper place

When Should We Hate?

Theme Scripture: Proverbs 8:13


Humans are emotional beings. This being the case, it is easy for us to lock in on how we feel as a barometer for how we should act. This can prove to be shaky ground as our emotions can easily be swayed by our changing perceptions of life’s experiences. Enter the emotion of hate. It is a strong emotion that often invokes a call to action – often an enraged action which upon later observation is usually overdone. So, what about hate? How should we handle it? Is it ever proper? Should it ever be acted upon? Is it ever a positive experience to hate? The Bible actually gives an abundance of council on this subject, so stay with us as we look into the dark abyss of hate and try to gain perspective on how to understand it!

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