Home Doctrine Is Jesus Really Returning? (Part II)

Ep.799: Is Jesus Really Returning? (Part II)

The object and manner of Jesus' return

Is Jesus Really Returning? (Part II)

Theme Scripture: Matthew 24:3


In Part I, we began to unfold one of the greatest Bible prophecies ever spoken – the prophecy that Jesus himself spoke relating to his return. We talked about that return was a process and how his eventual revealing would be similar to a sunrise. We talked about how it was built upon the sacrificial work of his First Advent to pay the price for sin and how the Second Advent was to reclaim the world from Satan. On this program we continue that conversation and focus on just how he answered the three questions in our theme text…

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  1. Hello Rick and Jona, I’ve been listening your archived programmes, they are very educative. God bless you all including the production team. Please send me your new android app address I have tried several times but not available on play store. Please create a link on your website for easy access. Thanks and God bless your good works.

    Ekow from England.


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