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Ep.479: Is Thanks Worth Giving?

The American holiday “Thanksgiving”

Is Thanks Worth Giving?

Theme Scripture: Hebrew 13:15


Somewhere in between the incredibly popular costumes, parties and candy of Halloween and the over-commercialized fantasies, shopping and presents of Christmas, there lies another American holiday. This holiday is largely overlooked and may have been forgotten altogether had it not been for the day off we had this past Thursday. Yes, I am talking about Thanksgiving – a day set aside by our forefathers, not for the purpose of eating turkey or watching football, but for the simple and profound purpose of giving thanks to God our Creator for His manifold blessings to us. So, just in case your Thanksgiving was not as centered on giving thanks as it could have been, we are providing this program as a public service, to put the thanksgiving back into Thanksgiving! Stay with us!

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