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Ep.826: Why Focus On Fasting and Prayer?

The role of fasting (particularly) and praying in our lives

Why Focus On Fasting and Prayer?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 58:6


There are some things from the days of the earliest Christian church that we read about, find inspiration from but rarely take the time to do ourselves. Fasting and praying are a particular example – these combined activities are sprinkled throughout the Old and New Testaments, yet they receive very little attention from us now. What is there about these activities that provoked such spirituality in so many of our spiritual heroes? Why fast? Why pray? Why combine them?

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  1. When I was born again I was told that’s all I needed to assure my place in heaven. Now the more I read the more I learn much more is required to reap reward in heaven and on earth. Also some receive greater reward in heaven than others. I feel lied too and always trying to justify contradictions of scripture s.

  2. I was listening to one of your talk shows and it hit me… I am from Utah, and I was prompted by God to move to WY where my sister lives. My sister is Christian, I started going to church with her. To make a long story short I am disabled with a brain injury, I feel that my relationship, faith, prayers,meditation, etc. with God has really helped me in my journey. I listen to hymns, your talk show, I feel I get so much about God. I am helping a deaf person to understand the bible. The speaking language is so different from sign language. I want him to comprehen all these…. I am hoping that you might offer a talk show in ASL (American Sign Language)?

    1. Thank you very much for being a listener and for telling us a little of your story. Your struggles must be very difficult. This past Sunday’s lesson on Unshakeable Faith might be a good one to listen to because it sounds like you already have built a strong foundation in your life and look to help others in their journey. You are very inspirational! We love the idea of having a program in ASL, but because CQ is only a radio program and not on television or filmed on the internet, we aren’t sure how this would be accomplished. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated! – Christian Questions


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