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Ep.732: Got Armor?

Proper use of the armor of God

Got Armor?

Theme Scripture: Romans 13:12


Like any good soldier, we first need to know our enemy.  The Christian fights the rulers, power, world forces of darkness and spiritual wickedness - all headed by Satan himself!  There is no bigger, badder, more brital enemy we could ever face.  How do we fight this fight? What makes us think a battle against such an enemy can be won? We had better be armed!  We are grateful the Lord has given us special protection.  The Bible describes this protection in terms of specific pieces the armor of God for both offense and defense.  If we "put on" this armor, we are ready to be a good solider for Christ.

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Five of six piece of armor are attached to our bodies and move with us:  sandals, breastplate, belt, helmet, shield.  The sword can be put down, but because it represents the word of God, we want to keep it in our hand.  This episode details what each of these pieces mean and why they are of extreme importance.

We should be inspired to get up and keep fighting.  We should approach the battle with gratitude and thanksgiving that the armor of God is even available.  As long as we do our part, we are invincible until our work is done.

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