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Ep.519: What is a Presumptuous Sin? (Part II)

Avoiding the sin of arrogance

What is a Presumptuous Sin? (Part II)

Theme Scripture: Psalms 19:13


Sin…it is everywhere! When we look at our own thoughts, our own words and our own actions, we can see how it creeps in and distorts our best intentions. When we look at those around us, we can see how it holds sway on their lives. When we look at the world at large, we can see how sin has an unyielding iron grip upon it, never relinquishing its hold, even for a moment. Sin… what do we do about it? According to the Bible, there are different kinds of sin, so on this program we will try and identify them so we can learn how to combat them, specifically sins of the presumptuous type. Stay with us as we seek the lessons necessary to rise above this nasty foe!

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