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August 07, 2011

Ep.671: Is Hell Real?

What Hell is according to the Bible

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Theme Scripture: Matthew 25:41


2 replies
  1. douglas
    douglas says:

    Hell is the grave,for if hell, a fire hell exist then God and Satan are working together.you are good go to heaven you are bad go burn in hell and burn for your sins.
    God is a God of love, why would he let Satan punish you when you have done wrong. Satan is in fact God’s enemy.
    We humans inherited sin from Adam and Eve,were all born in sin,no one alive today can say that he has no sin, for the penalty for sin that we inherited is death.
    read Romans 6:7 for the one that died has been justified from sin,
    thank you, d h dereuck

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Thank you very much for providing your comments. Hopefully you have had a chance to listen to this program, along with several other of the latest programs on the subject of hellfire. We agree that ‘hell’ is synonymous with “grave.” – Christian Questions


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