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Ep.584: What Makes You Thankful?

The original meaning of Thanksgiving Day

What Makes You Thankful?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 147:7


So, how’d you do?  Did you eat a lot?  Watch some football?  Hang out with family?  It was nice to have a day off, wasn’t it?  Now, we can get on with the business of really preparing for Christmas – you know, the presents, the decorations, Santa, the specials on TV – all that stuff.  Wait a minute!  What just happened here?  I know we all had the experience of the Thanksgiving holiday this past Thursday,  but my question to you is this – did we CELEBRATE the Thanksgiving holiday?  Do we even know what the Thanksgiving holiday is supposed to be about?  Stay with us as we look into a little history and spend a lot of time on the concept of thanksgiving...and who we ought to focus it on!

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