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Ep.565: Have You Ever Felt Trapped?

King Hezekiah and his life challenges

Have You Ever Felt Trapped?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 124:6

Special Guest: Tom Ruggirello

We have all had experiences in our lives that have led us to places from which there seemed to be no escape. These are places where the circumstances were such that the outcome seemed so inevitable that our choices in the matter were limited to accepting some unwanted and predetermined future or denying it, only to be confronted with it later. In such times, hope fades from our future and into memory. Sounds glum, doesn’t it? Well, the good news is, we can look to Biblical accounts of some of God’s chosen ones and see how they fared in such difficult times. King Hezekiah was one such man. Confronted with circumstances throughout his life that could have trapped and demoralized him, he found ways to rise above them to follow a higher path. Stay with us as we look into the life and times of King Hezekiah and see how he found ways of escape from the traps of his life.

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