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March 20, 2017

Ep.962: Is MY Christianity a Waste of Time?

Learning to better invest our time for a fuller Christian life

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What is the next step to use our time more effectively?

What is the secret to living Vision and Priorities?

Is Inspiration's younger brother really less attractive?

Inspiration and Perspiration working together. What more could anyone ask for?

Theme Scripture: Psalm 90:12

Did you ever notice that there never seems to be enough time?  For some reason or other, we are always rushing around to do the things we need to do and we seem to scarcely be able to even take a breath in between this and that.  Our lives are often harried, and as a result we tend to feel unfulfilled and empty at the end of a day.  How are our time management skills?  What are we doing – or not doing - with that precious commodity of time to either fulfill or fritter away our lives? As Christians, are there different and specific guidelines for spending and investing our time than for others?  Are there ways to simply and efficiently reorder and reclaim our time?  Where do we start? What do we do?

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One way to figure out this issue (what I am about to suggest is done with a massive dose of sarcasm) is to put the question of time management out on your Facebook page, text it to your friends, Tweet it out to whomever is following and perhaps Instagram and Snapchat it as well.  See what responses you get, then re-tweet, update, chat, post, smiley face and archive accordingly…  By doing so you will have accomplished one very important thing – that is, you will have personally demonstrated some of the very basic reasons we feel like we have no time!  All of these methods of “getting the word out” are often (not always) disguised as important communication, but in reality they are mindless chatter that feels good, is fascinating and fun.  Unfortunately, our end result is probably a whole lot of time wasted without a whole lot of benefit.

While it can be encouraging to hear from others on better managing our time, the most important thing that needs to be established is the answer to the very personal question of WHY.  Why do I as, a Christian, need to have a better handle on my time?  If we are sincere in the asking, then answering this question should bring us to the very core of our entire belief system.  What is it that I believe is truly most important in my life – where is it that my life should go based on that belief and what am I actually doing about it?  All of these questions and thoughts circle around defining what the vision is that we have for our life and whether or not that vision is powerful enough to make us want to take the next steps in reclaiming our time.

This is the beginning, for our time can be used to serve our vision for life or our time can be allowed to mindlessly drain away.  To choose having time serve what is most important, we next need to establish priorities.  Priorities are the necessary ordering of our life details.  This again requires thought and action, but the upside of a clear vision and implemented priorities is immense and sets the table for the next practical and valuable steps.

What are the next steps?  Check out our March 20, 2017 podcast, “Is MY Christianity a Waste of Time?” and not only find out what the next steps are, find out how and why to make them your own.  I promise you that your time invested in this podcast will open up a whole new and practical way to appreciate and use the precious time that you have been given!


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