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Ep.506: Do I Mean It when I say I’m Sorry?

The anatomy of a complete apology

Do I Mean It when I say I’m Sorry?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 38:18


If you are like me, you remember the scenario…you are a little kid, playing with other kids. Everyone is having a good time and as time goes on, things escalate. Somebody gets a little rough, you get a little rough and all of a sudden, somebody is crying and you are the one who made it happen! Your mom comes on over, sorts out the different versions of the event and then you hear those inevitable words. You hear that motherly command that you NEVER like hearing…“Say you’re sorry!” BUT, - “say you’re sorry!” Okay, soorreee! For many of us, this was a necessary part of our introduction into human relations. Now that we are grown, what does it mean to be sorry...to be truly sorry for a wrong done to another? Stay with us as we look at the ingredients of a truly sincere apology. Do I mean it when I say “I’m sorry?”

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