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August 31, 2014

Ep.829: What Happens When Life Gets Broken?

A family overcomes assault through faith

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How can you prepare for the unthinkable?

What do you do when someone hurts YOUR child?

How do you go beyond a victim, or even a survivor, to being an overcomer?

So, your're a survivor of trauma. Where can you go from here?

When you live through trauma, can there be a thankfully ever after?

Theme Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:13

DUE TO THE GRAPHIC NATURE OF THE EVENTS WE WILL DISCUSS, THIS PROGRAM MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. Tragedy is a part of life. We all know those who have suffered through it. Many times it gets the best of people, and sometimes people cope, but occasionally you find those who truly overcome it to a point that the tragedy is merely a memory and can serve as a tool of growth and example. Today we will tell such a story. It is true story of bad things happening and how faith in God, perseverance and the right help transformed those bad things into overcoming lives.

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2 replies
  1. Debbie Atkinson
    Debbie Atkinson says:

    Took me some time to absorb this rewind. I cried a lot. Why? Because Amy and I are mirror images of each other(at the age of 14/15).

    It brought back some painful memories for me. As a freshman in High School, I wanted to be one of the popular crowd so, unbeknownst to my parents, I skipped school at the request of a “cute SENIOR boy!” (Wow! A Senior was interested in me!!)

    When we got to where we were going, he raped me. Well, I didn’t know what this guy was doing to me. I mean, I was totally ignorant. All I knew is that he hurt me. So, when I got home afterward, I went to my Mom and told her what happened and asked her what it was that the boy had done to me.

    Of course, you can imagine her reaction. Mentally/emotionally, she couldn’t deal with it. She immediately went to my Dad with it. Now, my Dad was not constrained by his Catholic beliefs, but he didn’t have a resource (like your Tim) so he didn’t do anything about it (that I know of). He started legal proceedings but did not follow through because he didn’t want to put me on the witness stand. (Perhaps it is better that Amy didn’t have to tell her story to strangers either?)

    Through this rewind, you gave me the blessings of maybe understanding a little more about how my parents felt. You know, back then, it just didn’t get talked about… once over, it went in the box and that was that.

    Well, now I have that “box” and you made me bring it down, pry the lid off and look at it again.

    I think in the Kingdom, Rick, you might be a good sympathetic priest for my Dad, eh?!

    I pray for you all. I am thrilled that you are able to bring out the truth to the world in this way. May our Lord bless the work you are doing two-fold and more!

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Thank you, Debbie, for your brave and insightful comments. This shows Amy and all of the “Amys” out there that they are not alone and you can not only survive but thrive and overcome. What a painful experience to go through. The world so needs the kingdom!!! We appreciate your writing and sharing your story. We have made sure that Rick and his family have read your words. We pray for your continued strength in your walk to be pleasing to the Lord. – Christian Questions


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