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Virtual Sex and Pornography – Does God Care?

Never before have we been in such a place of insidious contradiction. On the one hand technology has opened a once locked door of accessibility, for anyone with an internet connection can now reach that which was once thought to be unreachable regarding knowledge understanding and goodness. On the other hand technology has given the world the opportunity to throw open the door of reckless indulgence and to have our curiosities draw us into a dark and powerful vortex of destructive sights, sounds and activity. Sexual behavior, once considered a sacred behavior has become a mainstream and malignant tumor within our culture that quietly eats away at our humanity under the guise of freedom of expression. Pornography with all of its degrading extremity, explicitness and violence has become the single most popular destination of the billions who search the web. It is a web – a web of entrapment that leads to the ruining of countless lives and relationships. What can we do about it? What should we do about it? Is there a way out of this godless web once you have become entangled?