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Did God Ever Sanction Slavery?

If we look back throughout all of the recorded history of mankind, there are a number of themes that seem to continually reoccur. One of those themes is the rulership of some men over others. That theme in many cultures took a downward spiral and over time ended up as one of the greatest travesties in the history of the human race – slavery. Today, we look at such a practice and shake our heads in sorrow and disbelief at the inhumanity with which we have treated one another. In the midst of this, there looms a very important question – the Bible gives us a recorded history of ruler-ship, domination and slavery – the question is; did God or does God EVER sanction slavery - that inhuman treatment of another human being? Stay with us as we look at the Bible and history and search for the answer!

Did God EVER Advocate Slavery?

It seems that for all of the recorded history of man, there has been slavery in one form or another.  Today when we look upon this subject, it is often with sadness and disgust that at one time, not so very long ago in our own country, we as a people allowed such a practice to flourish.  Not only did we let it flourish, but there were those who insisted it was a God-sanctioned practice, therefore justifiable!  What is the truth on this matter?  Does God or did God ever advocate such a practice?  On this podcast we look into the biblical history of slavery and servitude.