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Can Gay Rights and Christianity Co-Exist?

Some subjects stimulate the heart and not the mind and others stimulate the mind and not the heart. Then there are those that do both – to an extreme. Today we have such a subject: gay rights, gay marriage and Christianity. How should we view these things? Should we be redefining our vision of families? Should we be focusing on being compassionate and understanding? How much of the Bible is relevant to this issue here in the 21st century? Stay with us as we honestly and respectfully take this journey.

Should We Support Gay Marriage?

The world and the times we live in present great opportunity, as well as great challenge. We are daily overwhelmed with the clamoring for individual rights by so many, and for the most part, this is a great thing. This morning we are going to look at one of the most volatile topics of all – gay rights and gay marriage. Where should we stand? Should we be supportive? Opposed? Does the Bible send a clear message on this? What did Jesus have to say?

Is Marriage Between One Man and One Woman?

In many ways, it can be said that we live in times of great advancement – medicine, technology, education – these are a few areas of eye popping leaps and bounds forward. Yet, it can also be said that we live in times of great distress. Social unrest, political polarity and moral decay - these are a few areas of eye popping slides downward. This morning, we will discuss the concept of gay marriage. The primary question is, on which side of the ledger does it belong? Is it advancement or is it decay? Obviously, we will take a biblical approach to the matter – so stay with us as we open up this Pandora’s box and discuss the vital question – Is marriage between one man and one woman?