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Why doesn’t God speak to us directly anymore like He did with people in the Bible?

God treats people differently based on the situation and the time period in which they live. In early biblical times, God understood that people needed to hear His voice directly or through angels and prophets in order to believe in His power because the Bible hadn’t been written yet. 

For example, God spoke to Noah, Job, and Jonah…and in Exodus Chapter 3, He even spoke to Moses through a burning bush!

He also used prophets to preach his message. God told his prophets what to say to the people so they could learn how to please God or be warned about something. 

Those people who lived in that early time period followed God by using their SIGHT and HEARING. Seeing powerful miracles and hearing God’s words being spoken in special ways helped them believe, and their faith was increased.

Today, in our day, we have God’s instructions for us written in the Bible. God deals with His people differently now than he did in biblical times. He wants us to follow Him using our FAITH. Hebrews 11:6 says it’s impossible to please God without faith.

What is faith? Faith is believing in things we can’t see with our eyes, but believe in because of other evidence of things we CAN see. 

For example, we believe that there must be a God when we see the beauty of nature around us and know that it didn’t happen by accident. We have FAITH that an almighty God created the wonders that we see. We have FAITH that the scriptures are the inspired word of God. We have FAITH that Jesus died so that every person who ever lived could be raised from the dead in God’s future kingdom. 

We base our faith on the evidence we see all around us, and the Bible’s teachings.

So, why doesn’t God speak to us directly anymore? Because today we live in a time of faith, and our strong faith pleases God very much. 

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