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Should I feel guilty that my life is so easy when others are suffering?

None of us are “deserving” of the temporal blessings some of us receive. Furthermore, God does not place each and every human being in a certain place for a specific reason. We must remember that Satan is the prince of this world and, as such, sin and death rule. Life for many is not fair or equitable. Because God is not dealing with the world at this time, He has allowed evil and injustice to prevail. 

The time period in which we are living is a time for the calling out of a special people unto Christ to rule with Him in heaven during the next age (the Millennial Age). During this present age we Christians are being tested in whatever situation we find ourselves. Some are being tested with endurance due to poverty, sickness, and very poor living conditions. 

Likewise, others are having their characters tested as to how they react spiritually and cope with all the advantages of a highly material and increasingly immoral society. For some, this may be a very difficult test. 

They are admonished in Revelation 3:17.

“You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing. But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.’” Revelation 3:17

Here we learn that God is more concerned with spiritual poverty than with physical poverty. However, it is important to remember that both classes are being tested, albeit differently, so that each may prove faithful and worthy to be part of the Heavenly Body of Christ. 

In the next age when Christ’s kingdom is set up on earth, blessings will flow to all humans. During that time, sin, sickness, poverty and death will disappear forever. But for the present, there is injustice and inequality. Rather than feeling guilty for the advantages you have you might want to ask yourself what you are doing with all the tools and opportunities you have.

Are you striving to put forth the Gospel message to those with a hearing ear? Is your life an example that others wish to emulate? Are you seeking to help those you know are in need? There are so many opportunities for service that God has provided for those of us who are privileged to have a life of ease. Ask the Lord in prayer for guidance in your quest to perfect your character as you take advantage of these opportunities.

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