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Does the Devil Really Exist?

Satan. The Devil. The Adversary. These are but a few of the names that describe that powerful spiritual being who fell from heaven and opposes God. Many people don’t believe he exists. Still others look at the Bible and point out how Satan is such an infrequent player in the Old Testament and a dominate player the New Testament. They use this observation as proof of the evolution of the idea of Satan. So, is he real or just a convenient fabrication of Christianity to keep people in line? If he is real, what kind of influence does he have? Should we be afraid?

What Should We Know About the Devil?

The devil is pretty popular these days. Think about it – his name and influence come up in all kinds of places – we have ʺdevil’s food cakesʺ – why? I LOVE chocolate, but I don’t like the name! You have heard the phrase “the devil is in the details.” Or what about, “I had a devil of a time?” Then of course there is “the devil made me do it!” Movies and television often glorify the devil and what he stands for – I mean, does the devil REALLY wear Prada? So, what does all of this mean? Should we be worried that the devil seems to have permeated our lives? Who is he anyway? How much of an effect does he have on our lives? Stay with us as we look into the origin, the description and the objectives of the devil. What should we know about the devil? Plenty!!