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Christian Questions: Looking Back Through 18 Years of Hope and Faith

Faith is a part of life. We here at Christian Questions have been blessed to be given the opportunity to live with faith as a basis for our lives. Doing this radio broadcast for the last 18 years has taught us much about faith and much about what is required to keep our faith not only intact but vibrant and flourishing in a backwards, crazy and godless world. You see, while faith is a gift, it is the type of gift that requires attention, work and a lot of discipline. If we consistently feed our faith with these things then our faith in turn can feed us. Being fed by faith produces a life's hope that can truly transform your everyday life! So, come along with us on our journey back in time…

How Can We Show Our Thanks?

Today is a special day. First of all, it is Father’s Day, a day we set aside to honor the role fathers have played in our lives. In this environment here in America in 2008, the role of fathers seems to be continually beset with ideas of irrelevancy. As I see it, that is a symptom of a God-minimizing approach to families. However, we are not discussing that today. No, today we are celebrating the amazing opportunity that Jonathan, myself and our crew have had in bringing Christian Questions to you on a weekly basis, for today marks this program’s 10th year anniversary! So, stay with us and look back at how we got started, where we have been, what has happened and most of all, how we have been blessed by God! How can we show our thanks? Well, let’s try!